Saving Copyright Info to Musescore

• Mar 29, 2022 - 19:32

Hi all,

Is there a way to save copyright information to musescore so that when I create a new score, I won't have to rewrite the copyright information in score properties? Could you do that through the Save/Load Style function? Thanks!!


Normally the copyright info isn't that much text, but getting that copyright symbol can be a pain. Maybe just save a plain text file on your computer and copy and paste from that. note the copyright info is remember from new score to new score within the same editing session, so if you create a bunch of scores at once, you only need to enter the info once.

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Most of my devices lack numeric keypads as well. What I usually resort to is leaving out the copyright symbol when creating the score, then immediately upon score creation, I double-click the title to edit it, press F2 to display Special Characters, and click the copyright symbols there. Then I cut and paste from there back to the copyright File / Score Properties. It's an annoying extra 10 seconds indeed, but only once per score.

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