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• May 10, 2022 - 12:19

I have a score in which some notes are not the same on parts that what is displayed in the score. The score shows this:

Screenshot from 2022-05-10 12-10-31.png

The Alto 1 part shows this:

Screenshot from 2022-05-10 12-10-57.png

The problem is in measure 7, where the G on the Alto Sax part is one octave lower than in the score. This is not the only place where it happens. There is the same problem in measures 11, 23, 27, 47, and 51. Even worse, measures 14 to 20 are all one octave lower in the part than in the score, except for the last note of measure 20, which is correct! Strangely, the playback is correct, even when played from the Alto Sax 1 part.

Changing the note in the Alto sax 1 part (rising the G by one octave) makes it wrong in the score. Has anyone any idea of what is happening?


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Sure, it is best to recreate the part. Adding a new Alto Sax part and copying the content from the old one in the score view is OK. The problem is that I don't know for how long it will last before being corrupted again. By the way, most of my scores have this kind of problem at some point.

This said, I don't think it has lost its transpositioning. As I said, the playback is OK, even from the part page. Furthermore, no notes are really untransposed. Some of the notes have shifted one octave, but besides this, they still are the correct transposed notes.

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Something is indeed wrong with the transposition of that part. While in the part, if you hit the Concert Pitch button, the only change key-wise that I see is at bar 54 where you have an instrument change to alto sax. Change from alto sax to alto sax?
That in itself doesn't explain the octave notation jump. Yet it could point to something in the way you deal with input methods in general.

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The score is copied from a paper version in witch the alto sax 1 part starts originally with a flute, then switch to alto sax. It is then transposed to alto sax only (because we have no flute!) by changing the instrument for the staff to alto sax. Of course, the later switch to alto sax might then be removed, but still, switching from alto sax to alto sax shouldn’t cause such problem. The reason to not delete it is that we might found a sax player playing the flute later and want to switch back. I have change the process now, keeping two separate staves, one being hidden, but still generating both parts (with and without flute)

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It should work to switch transpositions, and normally it does. I think we've already seen that in at least one case with one of your scores, something about the specific process you went through in attempting to set this up caused a corruption of some kind. This could be another side effect of that same issue, or a related issue. As always, steps to reproduce this corruption from an uncorrupted score would be needed in order to investigate. And best to also check with a recent build of MuseScore 4 to see if the problem is already fixed.

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