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• May 11, 2022 - 21:21

I have a Big Band arrangement and at the beginning Alto 1 plays clarinet, Tenor 1 plays flute. I would like to 'change instrument' without the label of the part changing to that instrument, and also the wrong key signature defaults to those instruments and I can't seem to change it. Any help greatly appreciated.

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Here's what I see in that score

  1. The concert pith button is selected. Therefore all instruments have the same key signature (3 sharps). If I deselect the Concert Pitch button I see the non-transposing instruments have 3 sharps as they should, the Bb instruments (clarinet and trumpets) have 5 sharps as they should should, the Eb instruments (Alto and Bari) have 6 sharps as they should. What is it about the key signatures that you think is wrong?

There is a known problem with instrument change texts that causes problems of incorrect transposition if you add them from the pallet rather than from the [Add] menu. See #320828: Change Instrument Palette Text does not recognise current instrument leading to incorrect transpositions. However, I do not see this in your case

  1. In the first measure there are instrument change texts for Bb clarinet (2nd stave) and Flute (4th Stave). There are no other instrument changes so it seems you want those instruments to be played throughout the piece - there is no change to Alto or Tenor. Why not just change the instrument in the stave properties. There is no need then for an instrument change text?

Regarding the instrument names in the score, if you bring up the stave properties by right clicking in the stave you can edit the long and short instrument names to be what ever you like.

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