Sound Recommendations

• May 12, 2022 - 20:58


I am working on a percussion ensemble and was wondering if anyone has any sound recommendations for the following instruments:
Temple Blocks
Large Tam-Tam
Large Tam-Tam w/ Triangle Beater
Small Tam-Tam
Small Tam-Tam w/ Triangle Beater


I have searched through several fonts and found no tam-tam that is even close. Most that claim to be one, sound more like a cymbal.

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Google free percussion sound fonts. MuseScore can read sf2 the best. You can use sfz, but that takes a while to load each time. There may be some of your sounds in orchestra fonts. but that would mean installing the entire font just to get percussion. The way MuseScore is right now, the more fonts you have installed at one time, the more cluttered the mixer becomes. What I do is use Polyphone to extract sounds I want from large fonts. Easy to do.
Anyway good luck in your search.

I was able to find a Temple Blocks sound font. Does anyone have any ideas/website recommendations for the Tam-Tams?

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