Musescore Titles song wrong when uploading, can't change

• May 13, 2022 - 03:41

I'm trying to upload an arrangement to the website, I've ensured that I entered the title the way I want it, but it always puts this stupid auto-generated title whenever I uploaded it different than the one I set, and when I edit the score and rename it it does nothing, always going back to the auto-generated name after I press save.

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The reason you won't get much useful help with the score-sharing platform here is the same reason you won't get much help if you go to Yamaha Motorcycles website to ask question about your Yamaha flute. Same company might run both websites, but totally different subject matter, and hence totally different expertise in the people who hang out there. This site is for support for the software itself, and no one who knows anything about the score-sharing platform tends to visit here at all, just as people who know about flutes don't tend to hang out on the motorcycle websites.

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