Format Style page large

• May 14, 2022 - 15:00

Would anyone know how to reduce the size of the "Format, Style" page ? When attempting to change a particular item (i.e. measure numbering), the method is to hit Format, then Style, and then make any changes.
I wish to have each measure with a number, but the actual button to APPLY is way at bottom of page and cannot be seen. I can see the buttons If I take the curser & PUSH the screen upwards; when trying to releasing my curser to push apply the page then goes back to its original size and I am unable to push the button.

I"m unable to make any change at this time.


Generally, if this dialog is too large to fit on your screen, it means that probably your system is scaling everything for the benefit of programs that don't know how to scale things themselves, and it's backfiring here. If you are on Windows, the fix is to find the EXE file for MuseScore under Program Files, right-click it, Properties, Compatibility, and fiddle with the high DPI options - "System" or "System (enhanced)" often work.

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