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• May 14, 2022 - 17:10

Hi. I'm 92 and a bit slower than I used to be!!! I am enrolled in the Mastering MuseScore lesson, having a couple of problems with my first score. Any help will be appreciated.

I have transposed, by hand, this hymn from 5 flats to the key of C. Probably made some errors in doing so. My difficulty thus far is as follows:

  1. In measure3 the 1st 2 quarter notes (F & A) should be tied. I did accomplish that originally but as one can see I am trying to make it 2 part harmony and there should be a half note (B?) under the first F in that measure. I can't seem to get the tie and the half note to publish. I can get the 2 notes tied OR the harmony OK but not the quarter note (F) & half-note harmony (B) with the tie to the next quarter note (A) tied, if that makes sense.

  2. I want to print the Refrain on the last staff (now #16) for simplicity in reading. I have only been "playing" for 30 days and lose my place easily. How do I end the main portion at measure 14 and begin the Refrain on a new staff that requires 2 leading notes before measure 1 of the refrain?…


You can attach your score file here directly. Your link is not found.

You could enter the hymn in the original key and have MuseScore transpose it.

I'm guessing you made your score private, or unlisted. As mentioned above, better to just attach directly here, with the "File attachments" controls right below where you type your comment.

From your description of the first issue, I'm kind of guessing you are talking about using multiple voices - two different rhythms on the same staff. See the lesson on that topic in my course for more info -

For the second, I'm guessing maybe you are talking about a time signature other than 2/4, so when you talk about two beats of leading to the refrain, you mean something other than a full measure, and probably the first part of the measure should remain on the previous system. To make that happen, select the first note you want on the second system, then use Tools / Measures / Split Measure Before Selected Note/Rest. Then you can add a break on the first half of the measure by selecting it and hitting Enter.

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Thank you both for your comments. I was searching for the wrong term, "ties" instead of "slur". Fixed what I thought should be a "tie" with a "slur". Success there. I managed to split the measure but the appearance of the score does not look correct or neat. Needs work. I'll continue to look ahead in the "Mastering" course. I did make the score Private so I'll attach a pdf.


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