How to have a chorus repeat multiple times without fully writing it?

• May 19, 2022 - 04:42

I'm fairly new to writing music, and right now I'm trying to transpose something which has a chorus of it that gets repeated about 5 times throughout the song, the same every time and I don't know what tool to use. I've tried using Codas but I can't figure out if they can do what I need.
Basically, I need something that can play up to some point, then get sent to the chorus section, and once it's done it goes right back to where it jumped and keeps going. Are there any kinds of notation that can do this?


Repeat bars, DS, segnos, and coda combined can do most of the things that are commonly notated. I'd recommend reading up on how these symbols work in standard notation (lots of books and websites on the subject).

If you continue to need help after reading up on how these work, attach your score and describe the desired roadmap in more detail. Then someone should be able to assist further.

From your description you'd likely have the best shot with adding a segno at chorus start, a "to coda" at chorus end and then have modified jump instructions and coda markers for each place to jump/return to.

If you can share an example score with your desired roadmap, we can show you which markers to place to achieve the intended end result.

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