I cannot save files

• Jun 25, 2022 - 16:43

I just downloaded MuseScore3 on my Dell laptop. I had an older version years ago and it worked wonderfully! Now, I cannot even Save a file -- not even the Sample Score Sheet provided when I first opened the program. No "Save" function -- it just says it cannot find the file -- of COURSE it cannot find a file that has not yet been saved! No "Save As" either, no remaining options. I've deleted the software & tried to re-download, same issue. What's the point of this "upgrade" if I cannot even save files to my hard drive???


Make sure you're trying to save to a folder your user has rights to. I believe some people have had some issues with saving into cloud-storage folders such as directly to google drive. The reason being that MuseScore creates a temporary file first, and that could fail due to the synchronization delay.

So try saving to a local folder (such as your Desktop?) and see how that goes.

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You say there is no save function. Please describe what you do to get the error that come up. What buttons are you pushing?

In the UI there are two places to invoke the save function. Both tied to CTRL+S. Is this what results in the error you get?

MuseScore is loaded on your desktop??? Do you mean the shortcut that opens MuseScore is on your desktop? Or the entire program is in a folder on your desktop. The only way that would work if this is a portable version.

I'm kind of confused. How you are trying to save? What exactly are you doing step by step - and at which step does something appear to go wrong? Can you attach a screen shot - or better, make a video, and post it somewhere and add a link here?

You say "no save function" - do you literally mean, you open the File menu, and are not seeing "Save" listed? Or you click it and nothing happens? Or you click it and see an error message of some kind? What is the precise text of that error message if so? These are the details I am trying to understand.

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