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• Jun 26, 2022 - 20:51

Version 2.0.3 was the one I first downloaded and used. It had features which I later found were missing from v. 2.3, which I downloaded because I had become unable to bring the Mixer on screen. I did not realise that installing 2.3 would remove 2.0.3. I have version 3 on my laptop, but for the sake of continuity I wish to continue the work I started years ago on the same PC which uses Windows XP.

I found a source of v. 2.0.3, but my attempt to download it on my Windows 10 laptop, then transfer it to the old PC failed.

Is there a remedy?


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The instruments available on 2.0.3 included (among others which have slipped from my memory) cor anglais, bagpipe, bass clarinet and B-flat bass tuba whose compass went deeper than any other orchestral instrument, save the grand piano. I can fake the sound of the cor anglais by scoring for oboe and giving it impossibly low notes that show as red, but it doesn't appear on the score automatically as a transposing instrument with its own key signature.

Your first link is where I found the file which I downloaded on to my laptop. I think the problem of transferring it on a memory stick to my old PC may be related to the system requirements, specifically the difference between 32 bit and 64 bit. I have no idea what these terms refer to specifically. All I know is that the old PC falls into the first category, while the laptop is in the second.

Crucially, is there a means of not obliterating one version when installing another?

As to "continuity", by that I mean the set up I am used to and comfortable with, i.e., sitting at a desk (cluttered) and gripping a mouse; having instant and finely graduated control over the sizing of the image on screen. Trivial, I know.

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MuseScore 2.x for Windows is 32-bit all the way, so runs just fine on both, 32-bit and 64-but Windows.
The soundfont has changed, for the better, but you can still use the older one if you liked that better, see and grab FluidR3Mono_GM.sf3.
You can have different 2.x versions, if you use the Portable Apps (but only run one at a time). Else you can have one 1.x, one 2.x and one 3.x being installed and used in parallel.

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All of those instruments are still present. They are not listed by default under "Common instruments", but simply change to "All instruments" to see them, or better yet, use the search box.

On XP you might indeed be forced to stick with the outdated 2.0.3 or 2.3.2, but on Windows 10, you can definitely benefit from the enormous improvements in the current version. 3.6.2.

Two questions come to mind.
What does for the sake of continuity mean?

How did you try to transfer v2 from one computer to the other?

...for the sake of continuity I wish to continue the work I started years ago on the same PC...

On the lighter side...
Me too, my setup is also air gapped and thus spyware and virus free!
Kudos to continuity and reliability... :-)

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