Writing in the Lyrics (changing default font and size)

• Jun 30, 2022 - 23:52

Hi all,

When we write in lyrics there is a default namely Edwin Font at size 10pt.
If I want to change this Font or size I can do it by highlighting the text and changing the font or size in the inspector panel..
My question is...... How do I PERMANENTLY change the default font or font size?
This would save manually changing things via inspector with every lyric line.

Thanks in advance
Anthony (Now back in Australia)


Next to most settings in the Inspector is a button labeled "S" for "set as style". Press that, and now it's the default for the score. if you want to create other scores with these same customizations, just save a copy of your customized score to your Templates folder and use that as your starting point next time you create a new score (it will show under Custom Templates).

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