Producing any sound in Musescore causes ANY sounds from my computer (Musescore or not) to be accompanied by loud static

• Jul 3, 2022 - 16:29

Now, this isn't a new issue, and I've seen a couple of other posts discussing the same issue. For instance:

The way this typically happens for me is that... I load Musescore on my laptop, open one of my projects (or create a new project), and then, whenever I play any notes (either by adding new notes or using the Play button), they are accompanied by extremely loud static (as you would hear on a radio station with poor reception). But after that, whenever I play other sounds on my laptop, (even when I exit Musescore), such as a YouTube video, those other sounds are also accompanied by static.

Some known troubleshooting techniques I've tried:
- Restarting my laptop: did not permanently resolve the issue
- Factory resetting Musescore: did not permanently resolve the issue
- Uninstalling and reinstalling Musescore: did not permanently resolve the issue
- Using the "Troubleshoot Audio Problems" wizard on Windows 11: asks me to turn off "sound enhancements", but my device don't have those, then returns "audio format not set to default: fixed", which does remove the worst of the static, but causes my speaker to make annoying noises that are only removable by restarting my laptop
- Unplugging my headphones and plugging them back in: does fix static for non-Musescore sound on my laptop, but then Musescore refuses to play any audio, forcing me to close out of Musescore and open it again (likely producing the static issue again), and it doesn't even close properly... nevertheless, this is my go-to fix
- Restarting Windows Audio Endpoint Builder: actually worsened the issue (there is now a low static hum in addition to the standard static)
- Changing the I/O from Windows DirectSound to ASIO: does nothing
- Restarting audio and MIDI devices: does nothing

Something else to note is that when I tried to take a video of Musescore to showcase the static (using OBS), the static failed to appear in the video. And on top of all this, I'm also experiencing spontaneous crashing with the application. These issues are making it really difficult for me to compose music using Musescore, and I'm hoping there's a better fix.

I am on Version 3.6.2, and my laptop is a DELL Inspiron 15 3000 with Windows 11. This is the first and only device on which I've experienced the static issue. So far, Musescore is the only application on my laptop which causes this issue for me.


Some observations.
Reinstalling MuseScore only deals with the UI. Not the inner working that control MuseScore. Those don't get deleted unless you go through and delete all the MuseScore folders, including the hidden ones.
Your computer does have enhancements. Bass boost, virtualization, and the like. They may already be turned off.
In that same area, there is a setting allowing programs to control your sound card. uncheck that.
Unplugging headphones while using most any notation software causes the sound to not work.
AISO only works if you have an AISO sound card. Did you try the other three drivers listed?

FWIW, V4 playback is garbled for me. Although exported sound is fine. Go figure.

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Update: the error is still occurring regularly. I've tried switching between drivers, but switching in-app does not improve the issue. A new symptom I've commonly observed is seeing a message on YouTube saying "audio renderer error, please restart your computer". Same static issue might also cause my laptop touchpad to malfunction until I restart.

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