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• Jul 4, 2022 - 10:57

Having set up the start and end of a Play loop, I wish to do editing on various things and then come back to play the loop again. If I inadvertently "select" a bar during this editing, and forget to deselect (i.e. click somewhere else), when I do the next play, the loop adopts just the new bar selected. This happens a lot, and is annoying. I wondered whether it is actually an optimal use case, and whether the loop should not retain its start and finish unless the user deliberately alters it.


It's imho a bug that the loop points jump to the new selection without a disable/enable loop command. Please file it in the Issue Tracker.

It's by design, actually - the idea is that it should be very simple to create a loop by simply making a selection. It's incredibly useful for checking different sections of a score without the bother of manually setting loop points as a separate activity. But, indeed, it's not always what one wants. So probably there should be a way to control this behavior.

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I generally would prefer to not have to continually disable and re-enable the loop just to change the points - making a selection is far simpler. But I guess it depends on what you are using the loop for and what else you are doing at the same time. For me, if I'm in loop mode, I generally want to stay in loop mode, and just change which part of the score I'm focusing on.

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