Can there be more than scores in a 'set'? ['document' in MS set, remedy found]

• Jul 30, 2022 - 20:29

Pretend I have 5 orchestral pieces that must remain together as a collection, but to have them all in ONE score makes that score far too large. So I have 5 scores. From what I see about MS 'sets', using that website feature is a great way to bundle multiple scores.

When I create the 'set', I'd like to also add one or more DOCUMENTS that are NOT scores. Specifics about the collection, but inappropriate to have in any individual score. Maybe a text file, maybe a Libre Office document. Maybe even a graphic file describing a particular stage layout.

Does the MS 'set' mechanism allow for scores + other file-types?



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Thanks for the link. I thought my non-paying 'subscription' would allow me to download said score to see how the person accomplished it. I guess not. I'm not in a place to pay the albeit reasonable one-year cost. At least I have a clue something can be done. Appreciated.

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Is there something in particular you are having trouble with? Looks like just text within frames. If you’ve never used them before, see the Handbook sections in text and frames for more, but basically, add the text frame from palette, and type your text. No word wrap so you need to enter your own line breaks.

I'm sorry to have taken all your time on this thing I can find a way to work out... I tried moments ago to download the score, it still insists on a paid subscription. Maybe I need to log out, restart my computer to fully clear any webpage cookies or history. Still, thanks, I'll find a way to do what I asked about.

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