Dynamics (p, mf) not changing note's volume during playback

• Jul 31, 2022 - 16:44

Today, I've encountered a common problem that has plagued many users before: When I set a dynamic on a note and press playback, its volume doesn't change compared any other dynamic or to no dynamic at all.

In the uploaded file you can see the piano (p) dynamic in the third measure, for example. When I click on the note to play it, it is as loud as it is when I remove that dynamic.
The intended behavior is that the volume should decrease for that note and all the following notes of the same type.

I've found multiple forum posts with help: "Reset the notes to default velocity settings, using the reset button next to the velocity settings in the Inspector".
But apparently for me that is no option:
As you can see, all the notes have their velocity type on "Offset" and the Velocity set to "0", the option to "reset" is greyed out. The notes are all set to default already, I did not import any MIDI. I started the sheet from inside of musescore.

Is there anything I am missing? Did I misunderstand how dynamics work? Is playback not able to notice the dynamics? I am also using mixer to listen to the sheet, but it's the same problem there.

Thank you for your help, much appreciated.

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Works fine for me (although note, your bass doens't have the "p" so it still plays at mf).

Did you perchance mess with any setitngs in View / Synthesizer - like change the Dynamics settings, or loading any third-party soundfonts? Soundfonts other than those that come with MuseScore don't always work as expected with dynamics, but that's what the settings on the Dynamics tab are for - to allow you to chosoe the settings needed for your particular chosen soundfont.

Cloud also be the difference is just more subtle than you are expecting. You could try a lower value than 49 for the velocity of the "p" dynamic.

Thank you for your answers! When I listened to the piece today it worked right off the bat! I'm guessing I just had to restart the program, as is often the case with these kinds of problems. Now I can even hear the crescendo hairpins, I thought I was going insane :D

The bass not being piano in measure 3 is intentional, but thank you for the heads up!

You wrote:
When I click on the note to play it, it is as loud as it is when I remove that dynamic.

To be clear:
Clicking on a note to play it may differ from the notated dynamic. The notated dynamic is honored during score playback.

Welcome aboard.

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