The tempo changes after exporting mscz to midi file

• Aug 9, 2022 - 18:27

I have a problem with Musescore 3. The tempo changes after exporting mscz to midi file. I attach mscz and midi files.

See images t1, t2

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I'm_in_Love_with_You_ib.mid 3.14 KB
I'm_in_Love_with_You_ib.mscz 27.37 KB
t1.jpg 150.19 KB
t2.jpg 142.59 KB


Dotted quarter at 80 is quarter note at 120. As far as I know, MIDI converts everything to quarters per minute normally. If for some reaosn you need to import the MIDI file back into MsueScore - which would not normally ever be a thing, because you're going to lsoe far more than just the format of your tempo marking - just edit the tempo marking to change it back to dotted quarter = 80.

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