Font style not exporting with MusicXML

• Aug 15, 2022 - 21:43

Recently we discovered an issue with the export of MusicXML from MuseScore. When we have staff text in a score and export the score as a MusicXML file there seems to be an issue of the font style carrying over. So if there is staff text that says "slow to fast" and we want it to be non-italicized font it should include that information in the MusicXML but it no longer does.

You can find a detailed example of the issue posted on GitHub:


Did you make this customization via the text toolbar, via the Inspector, or as a style setting? And what are your settings in Format / Style / Export? These are all relevant to how the MusicXML gets exported.

If you still have questions, best to attach your actual score so we can understand and assist better.

I have attached the incipit that was encoded and saved as a MuseScore file which displays correctly when opened in MuseScore, but when exported (see MusicXML file) it does not contain the font information for the directive "slow to fast." Until a few days ago I was not having any issues exporting to MusicXML and all the files retained the font information so if staff text was italicized or bold it would identify it as such in the MusicXML. I haven't changed any of my preferences in MuseScore so I am not sure why this is happening.

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That seems correct. Because you didn't apply any override, the font is the default as specified in the "word-default" directive at the top of the file. Had you applied bold or whatever to any individual text, that would have been reflected in the MusicXML as well in the individual "words" element. As far as I know that's all standard behavior and hasn't changed recently; in any case, there haven't been any updates to MuseScore in over a year.

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Thank you Marc - it seems that this is working fine then in the export from MuseScore to MusicXML. We're also using Verovio to render the MEI file transformed from the MusicXML and I have learned that the default font there is italics which is why our text is becoming italicized even when we did not specify this in MuseScore.

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