"Find / Go To" disabled by deselecting "Pan during playback"

• Aug 18, 2022 - 21:34
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Type Ctrl+F. Type "Z" into the editable field. Nothing happens. Same outcome with bar numbers.


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What do you expect to happen? Does you score have a rehearsal mark starting with Z?
Also give this issue a better title

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Title Mr "Find / Go To" disabled by deselecting "Pan during playback"

Thank you for your prompt reply. Yes, it does work if the “Pan Score” button is selected.

I have read the comments at this node.

I would suggest that selection followed by repositioning makes you lose your place in the score, especially larger orchestral scores. Also, zoom is not necessary. I usually want to see the selection against the whole page, then I can decide whether to zoom or not.

It would be simpler if “Find / Go To” were fully available at all times. I would suggest that the ability to move to a bar, or rehearsal mark, is more important than whether the score pans during playback. Can the likelihood of users’ behaviour be assessed? People using pencils and paper, and a piano to play the score, don’t follow preset patterns. Could the software mirror that approach as well?

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OK. So this is a duplicate. Let's hope it gets fixed soon.

Workaround is obviously to select the pan score button while using Find.

This is a particularly nasty bug as there is little obvious connection between cause (pan score button not selected) and effect (navigation broken) and I am sure it causes more confusion than shows up in the forum and issue tracker with users just assuming that Find doesn't work randomly.

The same problem occurs in MS 4 alpha 2 but I don't see an issue that deals with it. I hope that such MS3 issues will not get lost during or after the development of the release version of MS 4.