Measures stop being highlighted after using a selection filter (F6)

• Aug 21, 2022 - 16:43
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Measures stop being highlighted after using a selection filter (F6).
The file allways needs to be reopened.
The case of replacing voices 3 and 4 in the bass clef with the correct 1 and 2.
The sequence is:
- the filter is turned on;
- notes of voice 3 are selected;
- in the panel at the top, these notes are assigned voice 1;
- there are extra pauses;
- the same with voice 4;
- pauses are removed;
As a result: the voices have changed, but the bars are no longer distinguished ...
Maybe I'm changing the votes using the wrong method (then the task can be removed).
Good luck with your debugging...
Thank you for this wonderful program!


Title Measures sometimes stop being highlighted after using a selection filter (F6) Measures stop being highlighted after using a selection filter (F6)
Frequency Many Once

(you're all but one)

Sorry, I did not understand your message ... I do not know English well (idioms or slangs especially).
I updated the error history and attached the file (maybe it will help).
If I'm clearly not doing something right - don't waste time on me ... just say that "you're doing it wrong" and I will continue to study (I just started working in the program).
Thanks for the quick response!

"Frequency" is how often an issue gets reported, you're the first and so far only reporter -> Once

But I believe what you describe is just an idiosyncrasy of the selection filter and not a bug per se.

It's not a bug, exactly, but definitely could be improved.

If voice 1 is disabled in the Selection Filter, it is indeed impossible to select measures that don't contain content in other voices - because those measures now completely empty. So you need to re-enable voice 1 before trying to select anything.

But just because it currently works this way doesn't mean it's good. We could conceivably still allow selecting the measure, even though it's effectively empty. Or we could treat that as an automatic re-enabling of voice 1. But probably, the whole design should be revisited, and I think that's planned for someday.

Now I understand!
After I changed the voices from 3/4 to 1/2, I just left the filter unchecked at "All", so there was nothing to choose from.
The program does not even select a measure, because it is empty.
You are absolutely right!
I will simply return the "All" flag to the filter and then the measure is selected again and i can continue working.
Now there is no need to constantly reload the file.
Thank you for such fast and clear support.
It gives confidence!
I admire the possibilities and convenience of the program.
Literally all the tools are nearby!
Good luck to you in everything!