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• Aug 23, 2022 - 16:59

It would be nice to have virtual singers as a part of Musescore's tools. I think it would be beneficial to be able to hear various parts sung.


This topic has indeed been discussed several times:

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2015: #63241: Virtual singer Suggestion in Issue Tracker
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You wrote:
I like to hear the virtual singer sing the songs I have written.

Okay, but what language(s) do you propose -- speech databases for all of MuseScore's 69 supported languages?

The currently available "ahhs" and "oohs" are multilingual and can be used by everyone to provide a simulation of "singing the songs".

P.S.... ;-)
To add to DanielR's list, check out this one:

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If MuseScore is available in 69 languages it would be nice to have virtual singers to support each language. Perhaps some of the the translators that have been involved with the translation work on MuseScore would consider helping with the virtual singer project.
English is a good language to start with.

I would love a virtual singer, even a very basic one. Just anything to get an impression of what I am composing (I compose mostly for choir)

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I have been playing around with Synthesizer V.
Guess what: even the free version for Linux supports Jack, out of the box.
(for vst, you need to pay)
I think it's weird that these guys would want to support this completely deprecated and useless software.

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Same here, OpenUtau does not play, but i didn't really investigate why. Perhaps a resampler is needed for Linux. There are certainly more voices. (i installed an Italian one, the first i found.)
I think Synthezer V is better quality (but has only 3 English free voices, a bunch of Japanese and Chinese voices, and none of other European languages)

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Export the vocal line (one at a time) to musicxml (i use uncompressed, but compressed should also be ok)
Transform it to a UST file (Utau Sequence Text)
(this is a fork with some modifications -- i did not find the specifications of the ust file, i did tempo * 4 for Lenght, since it played 4 times too fast - needs improvement/testing)
Import the UST file in Synthesizer V (or OpenUtau) (you need to install one (or all) of the free voices )
Of course, much learning is needed....
(don't expect great quality without tweaking)

You could also use a midi file and import it directly, but then you only have the notes and no lyrics.

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Ok, I get the idea. I am really not looking for quality, it is just about getting a rough impression. Even a feature similar to "Virtual Singer" by Myriad would be great for me in Musescore.

The Synth V is quite fascinating though, perfect for experimenting. Thank you for your explanation.

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(possible) no fuss choir vst with syllables, according to my outdated impression:

Cinesamples Voxos
Strezov sampling choir

all of them cost a fortune.
"possible" cos Musescore4 support vst3 only, not vst2, and some users reported some vst3 are not working properly.

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Synthesizer V is really great, but probably you would need the full version to do the better work.
Here a clip with the 'Solaria' voice (SOLARIA :Developed by Eclipsed Sounds, Voiced by Emma Rowley)
The VST in the full product is: (quote from their forum):
SynthV Studio is a bit different from typical VST instruments. Most VSTis receive the MIDI from the host application (DAW) and play notes matching that, however SynthV Studio relies on its own embedded piano roll and ignores the host MIDI.
So the use in MuseScore would be very limited.
But if you are going for top quality, you'll need a DAW anyway.

I am on MuseScore4 Lite ( AKA MuseScore for Linux - no VST support), so i don't care about it anyway.
(and there is no native Linux VST, so i would need the horrible wine)
Did i mention that Synth V supports JACK, even in the free version. (admittedly without jack-transport)

The free version is more than good enough to get an idea.

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