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• Sep 28, 2022 - 20:51


I am using Musescore 6.3.2 and I have no sound. I have read this but still no sound.

Can anyone help?

Philippe Guiblin


You may have read that linked page, but have you actually tried any of those suggestions? You certainly haven't completed Step 9. "If after trying all of the above steps (plus what is suggested below), then please ask for help on the Support forum. Be sure to say which version of MuseScore (Help→About) and what operating system you are on, what audio devices you are using, and what settings you see in Edit→Preferences→I/O after doing the revert to factory settings as per suggestion 2 above."

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The HQ soundfont isn't the default - the default is MuseScore General. You have to install the HQ version separately. But it's at least a standard General MIDI soundfont, so it uses the same basic General MIDI program numbers - 0 being grand piano. Meaning, whether or not someone has the HQ soundfont installed, all the sounds are in the same places. But not all fonts follow the GM standard, and that's how you get into situations where instruments play with random different sounds, or in this case, no sounds - because MuseScore has no idea how to find the different sounds unless you select them manually in the mixer.

The person who saved this score appears to have been using four different sounfonts. I found this by opening the MSCZ file in a ZIP browser, then opening the MSCX file within that in a text editor.

On the Fluid tab:

Essential Keys-sfzBanks-v9.5.sf2

On the Zerberus tab:


These are written to the file if you use the save to score button in the synthesizer window. Actually, for all I know they are always written when using multiple soundfonts. You could test to see if you like.

The instrument appears to have been set to use Zerberus soundfont, so it won't produce sound if there is nothing loaded there.

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