Change names of tablature pages (MS4 handbook)

• Oct 6, 2022 - 12:20

Suggestions for some small changes to tablature pages:

Old name New name
Adding tablature staves Creating a tablature staff
Entering and editing tablature notation (Keep same name)
Customizing tablature Customizing a tablature staff



I like the first and last, but also, I don't see the change in the second. Maybe you meant to drop the word "notation"? I waffled on which way to do that, and if people think it's better without the word "notation", I'm on board.

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OK to change the others, yes.

But, let's leave the order alone. This was one of the problems with the MU3 version that I deliberately set out to solve - way too much irrelevant (for most users) info to wade through before seeing the important stuff. Add a staff, enter notes. Then, if you also want, you can learn about customization. We're trying to keep that same basic structure throughout.

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