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• Oct 7, 2022 - 14:41

Dear Sir/Madam,

I use SeeScore2 for playback of MuseScore files on my iPad. SeeScore2 doesn't accept .mscz but accept .MusicXML. Therefore the file must be exported from MuseScore as an .MusicXML file. This works fine, but I had problems with the exporting of the enclosed file. I contacted SeeScore2 and their answer was as follows:

Hi Mike,
There is a MusicXML validation error in the file: Empty direction-type element at line 145.
Please report the problem to the MuseScore team since MuseScore appears to have written the file.
I have attached the corrected file.
With best regards
James Sutton

I compared the original and corrected file and there were indeed 5 missing lines at line 145 of the original file.
My question: How is that possible as the original file was made with MuseScore and appeared completely normal in MuseScore. Perhaps the defect originated after I had made changes in the first measure. I put the number "2" in it, indicating that there were 2 measures for the accompagniing piano (the original score was for the chior and another score had the piano staffs as wel).
The problem is solved now, but it might arise in other instances. Is it a bug?
(Unfortunately the original .mscz is lost)

Best regards,

Mike van Beek


It could be a bug indeed. In order for us to investigate, we'd need you to attach the MSCZ file you started with and give precise steps to reproduce the problem. If the original file is gone, see if you can reproduce the problem with another similar file.

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Unfortunately I lost the original mscz file.
So I "reversed engineered" the msz file from the corrupt Original.MusicXML, that I send you earlier. I opened that file in MuseScore and exported it as OriginalReversedEngineered.MusicXML file. The 2 last mentioned files are mother and daughter, but might be somewhat different from the files I send you earlier.
Anyhow, the problem with SeeScore2 can be reproduced with the OriginalReversedEngineered.MusicXML file.
I send it as an attachment to myself by email. I open the email on my iPad and pressed my finger on the attachment. A small window appeared and I choose "share" (small square with upward pointing arrow). This resulted in a row of pictograms of the several apps, that could accept the attached file. I choose SeeScore2. Then the email app stopped. I opened SeeScore2 and it indicated that 2 files were added, but those 2 files were not visible. I closed SeeScore2 and opened it again. Now 2 copies of the file are visible, but instead of the file name the message was "No MusicXML" and sunrays were endlessly circling.
Two files are enclosed.

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I can confirm that the attached MusicXML file is invalid. But, that's not the result I get if I open your MSCZ file and export it directly from MuseScore. Did you edit it? If so, presumably your edits are the issue.

If you are seeing some sort of problem not connected to your own edits. please give precise steps to reproduce the problem starting with that MSCZ file.

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