Can I create a hybrid two-staff/One-staff lead sheet?

• Oct 31, 2022 - 02:24

Can I create a hybrid two-staff/One-staff lead sheet?

I would like to have parts in my lead sheet where some bars are two-staff (Trebble staff in one and bass staff in the second one) to write parts specifically for piano. And have single treble staff just for chords written on top of each bar. Is that possible?

Some people have suggested that I should just have a single staff project and write the piano parts in the single staff, but I can't write different rhythms (having rhythm for the players left hand on the bass notes and the other rhrythms, on the same beats, in the same staff line)... I could keep the same rhythm that the right hand on a treble clef would play, having the bass parts with lines filled with slur or ties, but that would make the pianist's life myserable, if I'm being honest.

I uploaded a picture with an example of a sheet music with a part that has the two staffs and other parts with single trebble staff. (Not from musescore though)

I would love to have parts with two-staff, for piano, and some with one-staff for written chords on top or slash notation. Is that possible on musescore or not?

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Yes, this is simple - just add bother staves, then add all the notes you want, then right-click the staff you wish to go away when not used, Staff/Part Properties, and set "hide when empty" to "always".

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