E-mailing MuseScore scores

• Nov 23, 2022 - 01:56

The subject line says it all, I believe. My understanding is that whoever I send a MuseScore score to must have MuseScore downloaded and on their desktop in order to both see and hear the score. It seems that I have, in the past, been able to e-mail MuseScore scores to another musician who also has MuseScore.

I don't seem to be able to e-mail a MuseScore score to another musician. Sending the entire score doesn't seem to be an option. I've tried scanning the three pages of the score, however I had to use the scanned pages which were in PDF form, and not supported by the person I was sending the score to.

I want the person to be able to both see and hear the score, and to be able to assign MIDI instruments to each instrument of the score. I know this is possible as I've done it before when sending a score to a recording engineer. These are string quartet parts I'm writing for this year's Christmas Eve service, so time is a factor. THANK YOU, in advance :) Dave


I'm not sure what problem you are having attaching a MuseScore file to your email, but it should work exactly like attaching any other file. Consult the documentation for your email program for more info. Usually it's as simple as clicking a paperclip icon in the email, or dragging the MuseScore file from your favorite file browser.

Do you mean your intended recipient doesn’t have Musescore? Do they have any other music writing software? You can export your score as an xml file which they should be able to open. Or if they don’t and are reluctant to install a pdf reader you could screenshots to create JPEG’s, which most/all systems can open. Or even record the sound on your own system and then send that.

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I informed my recipient that sending him a MuseScore score/file would be easier for them to receive if they had a version of MuseScore downloaded. What I ended up doing was publishing the score on the MuseScore website. My recipient was able to view the entire score in that manner. Thanks for your suggestion to export as an xml file. Also, the JPG screenshots idea is excellent. I don't know that my recipient is completely opposed to installing a PDF reader. Recording the sound - now that I have that ability - is another good option, however I believe that when the recipient located the MuseScore score on the MuseScore website, he was able to hear the score. Thanks, Dave

The subject does NOT say it all, at all.

When you send a MuseScore file to someone has MuseScore installed then they should be able to see the score and play it etc.

If you are unable to send the score then this is due to something outwith MuseScore such as Microsoft or other program stopping you sending certain types of files,

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