Any way to turn down the reverb in MuseScore4?

• Dec 14, 2022 - 19:05

Noticed immediately in MuseScore4 that there is way too much reverb, both with the Muse Sounds and the previous MS Basic soundfont. Is there any way to turn the artificial reverb down to match the drier sound of MuseScore3?


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I wonder why playback of MS Basic in MuseScore 4 is not exactly the same as in MuseScore 3? Maybe I'm wrong, but I like more the piano sound of MuseScore 3 than the piano sound of MSBasic in MuseScore 4. I hoped that you would keep the same engine and soundfonts for MS Basic in MuseScore4.

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Different reverb algorithms at least. Also, I believe piano specifically might be based on the HQ version from MuseScore 3, which was intended asn improvement as msot people perceived it that way, but of course, everyone's tastes are different. Some like Steinways better than Fazioli, etc.

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Edit: I see there is an issue filed already; glad to know it's being looked at:
Also some discussion here:

I would like to +1 -- the sound font should be totally dry, with the option of algorithmic reverb on top if desired. It's currently almost unusable for me, even for a simple melody on top of backing (piano) chords -- sounds like a concert hall with the mic too far away. The samples are obviously high quality, but it's dramatically reverby and hard to pick out individual notes, etc.

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