Violin Solo MuseSound playback is messed up

• Dec 16, 2022 - 21:27
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While playing back a score with a MuseScore violin solo part, the playback doesn't sound right:
1) Often the tone of the instrument sounds more akin to a saxophone or bagpipes than a violin.
2) There are a number of times where is sounds like two violins playing the part rather than just one (as though two separate audio files are being played back simultaneously).
3) There are a lot of slides being added to the part that are neither written nor tasteful.

The extent to which I noticed these problems varied a bit depending upon the exact material being played. However, many cases in which I experience these phenomena happened in normal string writing in a comfortable range and dynamic.


Would like to add: Dynamics are not working very well. There are sudden changes in dynamics even that they are not written in the score. Exactly same passage worked fine with section violins when I tried.

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This has been a longstanding problem even in the beta, it has persisted into the 1.0 release. The portamento issue is better but not completely fixed. It is also a problem for myself as well.

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Similar problems with solo strings. Sometimes the dynamic dissapears completely at the start of phrase. Sometimes inside a note weird increase in dynamic. Sounds like someone is learning to play.
Also viola and violoncello more orchestral (in dynamic) than solo. Boosting on mixer can do only that much.
Many stuttering that seem time-related (can not quite seem to have enough time). Would be interesting to hear if it would be OK in export audio but it crashes after 1%.

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In order for someone to investigate a specific problem, there would need to be a sample score and a precise description of how to reproduce the problem (eg, which notes are not playing properly).

There are several different and completely unrelated things being discussed here, best also to have separate issues for each problem - each with sample score and precise steps to reproduce.

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Title Violin Solo MuseSound playback is messed up. Do your job

SO, you're saying that in order for you to... DO YOUR JOB and fix the product that you're providing, we have to do your entire job for you and investigate exactly how to recreate the issue. How about YOU do the investigation as it is not the responsibility of us composers to fix your program for you. Musescore 4 altogether feels like a rushed User Interface overhaul that muddies up the composition process with pointless, elementary flaws in its design while delivering no real benefit to composers. All we heard about is how great the playback will be on 4. Now that we have received it and rightfully complain because it's bugged or non-functional, you throw your hands in the air and act like somehow were responsible for finding out WHY it's broken. Nonsense

Title Do your job Violin Solo MuseSound playback is messed up

Sorry I am OT but: I am quite tired of hearing complaints. An open source lives on the participation and collaboration of users in general. Paraphrasing an old Latin fable: If you are not satisfied with the product abandon it, we will give you back the price paid.

Please refrain from the personal attacks.

Again, the violin is working fine for me and for others So if you have a specific score where some specific note is giving you trouble, please attach it. Takes but a few seconds and helps us all out, just as we are all volunteering our time to help you out.

You mention some sort of "elementary flaw", but it isn't clear what you mean by that. Please be sure to open a separate issue to discuss the specific flaw you have noticed, again with complete information that would be needed to understand the problem you are perceiving.

We all do our best to help each other out here, that's how open source software works.

That’s even true for commercial software. Developers don’t magically gain mind-reading powers when working on proprietary software. They remain incapable of fixing problems no one tells them how to reproduce. It’s really just plain common sense.

I've been having this issue for a while now. Some intervals, at some speeds, sound weird on Violin 1.
I've managed to narrow it down to legato.
I believe that any note interval within 1 octave use legato for violin 1, but sometimes this legato is not desired.
Also, if the note is too short, it doesn't play the legato long enough to play the correct pitch before stopping the note, so it just sounds weirdly out of tune.

Attached to this comment is a file with the more pronounced intervals and speeds that this happens using Violin 1 (Solo) of MuseSounds Strings (I don't know how to check the version for MuseSounds Strings).

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Hey! I have recently started using Musescore and i absolutely love it! It helps me write so much faster than how i used to do it.
I found this thread because i was curious if i was the only one who had this issue with the solo violin and thought it might be a setting i'm not finding. I am not at all annoyed or really have found it to be a big problem, i work around it by adding the arpeggio symbol to the notes, that takes away the legato gliding. But i wanted to mention it just in case someone knew of something i'm missing.
After listening to the example given by Thiago.Morais above i can say that it is exactly the same for me.

Anyway thanks for a wonderful program!!!

I'm was working through a homework assignment and ran into playback issues with solo violin and solo viola as well.
Here are the complaints:
- The solo violin almost sounds like the audio files for each note are being played in reverse and the transitions between notes feel clipped.
- With the mixers set at 0, the solo violin is significantly louder than the solo viola. I found this when testing with section strings instead of solo as well.
- In measures 3 and 4 there is some crackling in the playback.
- In measure 5 there is a strange portamento/gliss articulation between the D and the C on beat 2.

Attached below is the mscz file and a pdf. The playback issues are captured in exported mp3s and wavs as well, though I can't attach those file types. Thanks for your hard work!

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How to fix still I fot the same promblem its like its off by one beat. Is there a way to sync of the bar line