No Euphonium on Muse Sounds

• Dec 17, 2022 - 22:22
Reported version
S4 - Minor

Muse Sounds currently does not have a Euphonium patch, which is a common instrument in a variety of bands and brass groups. The workaround is defaulted in MS4, which is to use the old Tuba patch in Muse Basic from MS3.


No, that issue concerns the workaround solution to my prompt. In the Muse Brass pack, there is no Euphonium/Baritone soundpack. If you were to create a score (say a concert band template), the mixer would show the Euphonium as using Muse Basic sounds. I do agree with this being a suggestion, but I would say this is an issue due to the necessity of the instrument in wind ensemble and concert band.

Status active duplicate

Indeed, it's probably the most common request for additional sounds, and these requests are already being tracked on GitHub.

Not really a fix, but the cimbasso patch works pretty well as a substitute. Only annoying thing is that it doesn't go above C4. I find it funny that MuseSounds added soundfonts for alto/bass/contrabass flutes, contrabassoon, and Eb/bass clarinets but have yet to think that euphonium would be an important one to add.

I think MuseSounds also needs another update for Choir to add the Baritones, Mezzo-Sopranos, etc. We're in the golden age so we should take things to a new level.

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Severity S5 - Suggestion S4 - Minor
Status duplicate GitHub issue

I do think this is a minor problem, (feel free to correct me), because of the commonality of the euphonium, however I am grateful that we have such realistic sounds for free. Its hard to complain about such a useful resource, but like others have said its a bit weird to have such a common instrument left out. There are many problems with musescore 4, but it's hard to complain, and most of the time I can find a work around, but to leave a popular instrument out is a hard work around. I actually would be willing to help if a way is made apparent to be, (donation or other means), but for now I can only comment. Don't take this the wrong way. I'm just a euphonium player who really likes the instrument.