Shortcut "A" to insert an A doesn't work after customizing other shortcuts (MacOS)

• Dec 18, 2022 - 22:32
Reported version
S3 - Major
  1. Open MuseScore 4
  2. Open a score (new or recent doesn't matter)
  3. Open preferences (with shortcut command+, [⌘,])
  4. Go to shortcuts
  5. Search for "Enter note A" and confirm the Shortcut is set to "A"
  6. Search for "Toggle accidental: flat"
  7. Double click it
  8. Set the Shortcut to command+alt+_ (⌘⌥_)
  9. Save the new Shortcut
  10. Restart MuseScore 4
  11. Open a score (new or recent doesn't matter)
  12. Write some music by typing the notes (e.g. C, B, A)

Expected results:
The notes C, B and A are entered into the score

Actual results:
The notes C and B are entered into the score, but when you type the A, the cursor jumps back to the beginning of the bar.

- Sometimes a need to restart a few times before this issue happens, but after it happens for the first time, the only way to solve it is to use "Help > Revert to factory settings".
- My System language is Dutch. After multiple tests I'm still not sure if this language is involved, but I seem to reproduce this issue easier when the language of MuseScore 4 is set to the System default (so Dutch).


@Jojo-Schmitz Reverting to Factory settings indeeds helps solving the issue, but that means you cannot set custom shortcuts. Those are (of course) reset by this option, and setting them again will also introduce the issue again.

Workaround Yes No

I have the same problem but i haven't been changing any shortcuts. Just the "A" shortcut stopped working, it just moves the playhead to the begining of a bar.

Regression No Yes
Workaround No Yes

Then try Reverting to Factory settings

If that doesn't help your problem most probably is a different one

The original macOS settings of "Language and Region" on my MacBook was:
Region: Taiwan
Language: Chinese Traditional-Primary, English (US) , Japanese

When I change Region to "US" and Language to "English (US)-Primary" and try Help > Reverting to Factory. The issue disappears. Language setting in Musescore 4 becomes "system default".

Then I change back my macOS setting to Taiwan and Chinese Traditional-Primary. Somehow Musescore 4 shows everything in "Simplified Chinese (China)" instead of "Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)". Since Simplified Chinese is very different from Traditional Chinese (and Taiwan is totally different from China), I have to switch the language setting in Musescore 4 from "system default" to "Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)", which is the last item in the language list. Then the same issue appears again. The cursor jumps back to the beginning of the bar whenever I press A.

I saw a Dutch user also report this issue previously. Thus I feel that the issue is highly related to the language setting in Musescore 4.

A friend of mine also had this problem, but after some investigation I found that assigning some key to the "Go to Top Staff" shortcut was a workaround.