Choir Sounds

• Dec 27, 2022 - 14:14

So on musescore 3 I was able to change the choral sound from "ah" to "oo." I find the oo gives the choir a much cleaner sound and is not as muddy for faster-tempo songs. However, I have not found the ability to do this in Muse Score 4 anywhere. Does anyone know how to change the vowel, or at the very least make it less muddy?


Are you using Muse Sounds? They are already much clearer than the old sounds. But if you want something else still,. the way to do this would be to select a different sound from within Muse Sounds (lots of people like saxophones or other woodwinds), or a VST instrument, or a different soundfont. All of these options are access from rthe Mixer.

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The odd start you hear is probably just a temporary glitch as your computers' playback is just starting. You won't hear that in the exported audio, nor will hear it once the playback has fully generated

But as for scoops, can you attach the score you have trouble, so others van try to verify? If it turns out there are scoops that shouldn't be there, it should be reported on GitHub with precise steps to reproduce the problem so it can be fixed.

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