V key makes everything invisible MuseScore 3

• Dec 30, 2022 - 06:35

The title says it all. V is not assigned as a shortcut by itself, but typing the V key (upper or lower case) makes whatever has been selected invisible, even if it's text/lyrics. The letter v isn't typed either. I can't find any setting that might address this. The shortcut to actually make things invisible is something else. I've even tried exporting the settings and restoring defaults, but no go.

This didn't happen when I installed MuseScore 4 and imported the shortcuts, but there are so many functionality limitations with 4, I want to go back to 3. It's getting ridiculous. I spend more time just trying to find functions, half of which seems to have been removed...

What else could be the cause of the involuntary invisibility key?


To be clear: you can type V if you're editing text. But if you're not editing text, V is the shortcut to toggle visibility. Always has been, as mentioned. Note just in MuseScore 4, but in 3. 2, and 1 as well.

I'm not sure how I'm losing people with this.
I've reassigned the shortcut for invisibility to something else in Preferences.
V is not assigned to anything bow. But V is not only still making things invisible, it's doing it even when typing text, instead of typing the letter V. I want it to stop doing that so I type the letter V.

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V is making things invisible while typing text? That definitely should not happen, and doesn't for me - or apparently for anyone else, or there would have been reports of this by now. Perhaps you somehow messed things up inn your customizations? Maybe try Help / Revert to factory settings.

If you continue to have trouble after the factory reset (you won't lose any scores, just customizations, which seem likely to be the source of the problem anyhow), then please make a screen recording so we can see what you mean, since no one else seems to be experiencing anything like this and we're having trouble understanding.

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You said you tried "restoring defaults" but it wasn't clear that you meant the full Help / Revert to factory settings. Assuming that is in fact what you did and that you haven't customized anything else since (and if you have, please to the factory reset again first), then as mentioned, posting a screen recording would be most helpful in diagnosing this highly unusual situation you are experiencing. Just show yourself creating a staff text and typing the word "invisible", so we can see what happens, exactly. Be sure to show the whole MuseScore window.

Can you do Edit >Preferences >Shortcuts, [Save] and post the XML file that this generates?

Do you have any other software that might be grabbing keypresses?

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Those screenshots appear to be from an older version of MuseScore, I guess you are sayiing, whatever the problem is, it is fixed when you update? That seems like the soution right there. I believe we've already addressed your concerns about features you were having trouble finding or using, but if you have remaining concerns, feel free to respond in the threads where you expressed them, or start a new thread for a newly discovered problem.

Anyhow, those screenshots are very clearly not immediately after the revert to factory settings, as they show a number of cusotmizations. Please redo the factory reset and try again, this time making no customizations.

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Because I've specified a couple of times in this post, both in the original post and in a follow-up post that the shortcut had been reassigned so that V wasn't assigned to make anything invisible. And that it was also going beyond the pale of that default by also make text invisible, instead of typing the letter V.
But as I noted in another reply, I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling 3, reloaded my custom shortcuts and everything appears to be working as normal again; and I can forget the nightmare that is MuseScore 4.

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I'm not sure where I'm losing you on this. It clearly isn't designed to NOT type the letter V when typing text by default; AND I had changed the shortcut values so that V wasn't set to do anything at all, except ostensibly type the letter V. But it wasn't doing that. Which others confirmed was in fact a problem.
When I did the uninstall/reinstall, this stopped being a problem. It started typing the letter V again, and after reuploading my custom shortcuts, it also does not making anything invisible anymore, which is what I wanted.

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Indeed, but your other comments having referred to issues in MuseScore 4, and some other them have been pretty cryptic, and none of the problems seem reproducible by anyone else, so it's hard to follow and understand exactly what is happening. I recognize you are frustrated, but I'd ask that you try to stick to respectful technical discussion, as it makes the discussion go much more smoothly.

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I can't see where your questions aren't already fully answered, right from the first post; so I can't help your reading comprehension. At any rate, because you folks have been SO helpful, I went the nuclear route and uninstalled 3 and reinstalled it, restored my shortcuts and everything is working as it should.

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Glad to hear it! For the record, the clarification I asked for was a screen recording - not static screenshots, and actual recording. But also, more details on what additional issues you were still having in MuseScore 4 after we addressed the concerns you had raised. We'd still like to help you get the most out of MsueScore, and that definitely means, not depriving yourself of the incredible advanced in engraving and playback available in MuseScore 4 just on account of misunderstandings about some changes.

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I appreciate the comments may seem ambiguous, since many of the lengthier details are scattered across multiple threads, and only some of them alluded to here. So here they are:
The removal of the Save icon in the toolbar - at least give the option to enable. if it's not going to be a default. I've heard heard purportedly that this was ditched because it was "too 90s," which is ridiculous. Someone made a similar comment about the next one too.

The ability to open multiple projects in a single instance of MuseScore - This I at least understand may have a practical reason, that with the newer version it somehow may be interfering with some other feature in MuseScore 4, that may or may not be a problem in 3. But it is a very useful workflow feature if you're working across multiple projects or documents.

The program itself oddly doesn't want to scale if placed in a side by side panel; a separate, but similar workflow issue. If you need to have another program open for reference, like a PDF, with previous versions it's been helpful to use the Windows feature that will fit two open programs side by side, but MuseScore 4 hogs at least 2/3 if not 3/4 of the screen even if it's not maximized and will not scale to a smaller width. It does seem to allow you to reposition the window so part of it goes off the screen, sort of accomplishing the same thing; so I supposed it's a marginal gripe. But I guess I would want to know if it's always going to let you do that on every computer, or on some computers are you just stuck with it taking up most of the screen?

Another minor, not so much problem but would be nice is if the text properties automatically loaded like they used to. I know you can switch to the properties tab, which is why it's it a minor observation, but it was nice having those that toolbar across the bottom. Even being able to reposition a panel along the bottom would come in handy. I'm pretty sure I tried doing that at one point.

This was the straw that broke the camel's back - the Input Note: Rest feature is entirely missing, at least as a keyboard shortcut. In MuseScore 3 you could set a note duration and toggle between the note or equivalent rest, with the option of setting a keyboard shortcut. You can still select that from the toolbar, but you can't toggle between that from the Keyboard, the option is just gone. Insert Rest or whatever the closest function option in the shortcuts doesn't let you input the rest, it just makes the select note a rest and every note after a rest each time you press the key.'

I feel like there are others, but they're not coming to mind off hand, so they're probably not as important. I know it's not THAT many issues, but I've been using 4 for maybe a week, and it feels like I've spent half the time trying to figure out the change or banging my head against the wall because I find out it just doesn't do those things anymore. I've been trying to get some projects done this last week, and it would have been exponentially more productive if I had just stuck with 3 and focused on addressing the one issue I had with that, but when I saw there was an upgrade, and that the V problem wasn't happening in 4; I thought, this is great, problem solved. And then it just turned out to be an even bigger headache.

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