Assignment of first page number in "page settings" not reflected in navigator

• Jan 7, 2023 - 06:46
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1) Take any score
2) Select "format" > "page settings"
3) Enter a number greater than 1
4) Expected: the first page gets this number assigned. Result: The first page number stays 1.

It would be very nice to have this fixed. Hard to understand how this happened; the exact same function was in Musescore 3 and worked fine there.


I just found something by accident: If one clicks on "apply to all parts" before trying to change a page number the software works as in earlier versions. I don't understand this but there is a way to have the first page other than page one.

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I cannot reproduce this problem 0 for me the page numbers update as soon as I press OK. If you are finding otherwise for some specific score, please attach it.

I would not that other changes made in this dialog take effect immediately, so that much is indeed a bug in the way the preview works. But the setting itself works fine for me.

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I am sorry. I take this back. I can't make the function work with any of my scores. I tried scores imported from MS3 and scores created in MS4, I tried to reset the page setting dialogue to default, nothing worked wether the setting was "apply to all parts" or not. I must have done something else in the above situation. I am attaching one of my scores.

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For me it works perfectly in the score you attached:

1) load the score
2) Format / Page setting
3) change first page number from 4 to 2
4) hit OK

Result: page numbers now start at 2.

As mentioned above, the score doesn't update until you hit OK, but it definitely does at that point.

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I loaded the same score and found that the page number was 1 in the score and 4 in the dialogue (the number I am aiming at). I can set it at any number in the dialogue and press ok and save but the score never updates for me (except that one time a few days ago). The number in the dialogue is the last one saved, the one in the score stays at 1 no matter what.

What do you mean by "save" here? Are you saying, it works when you press OK, but then something goes wrong later if you save it? or maybe if you save, close, and reload it? I can't reproduce any problem with save either. But maybe it's something about the specific order you are doing things in. Can you do exactly what I wrote in my steps above 9starting by downloading the score you uploaded previously, so we're starting from the exact same file) and let us know if it is still not working?

I assume, BTW, you are testing whether it is working by looking at the page numbers on the footer; that's what I am doing, anyhow. Here's a screen recording:

As far as I am concerned, yes. However it might be considered unexpected behavior that the navigator does not display the actual page numbers. Especially since it did in MS2 and MS3. I don't know if more people will be tripped up by this.

Title Assignment of first page number in "page settings" does not work Assignment of first page number in "page settings" not reflected in navigator
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Or like this?

One more observation: The system uses the page numbers on the navigator, not the ones on the pages to determine which page is odd or even. If there are different parameters for odd vs. even page numbers (placement of page numbers or extra margin on one side to have space for spiral binders etc.) attention must be paid.