You can't repeat a note if it's been tied MuseScore4

• Jan 20, 2023 - 07:05
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Screen Shot is sent.

Basically, any note that is repeated after a tie doesn't make noise. So in this example, the F note is tied. Then, I play the F note again, but the F note makes no sound. This mean's the third F doesn't make noise.

If you are looking at the photo, the photo highlights the specific note I am referring to in blue. The note that is blue makes no sound when played.

This makes it difficult to write horn harmonies because suddenly parts of songs momentarily disappear if using this rhythm.

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Works OK for me.
OS: Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 4.0.1-230121751, revision: 9b70a8c

Please attach the actual score, not just a picture. Probably the issue has to do with specific sounds being used or other context in your particular score.

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It is an issue on multiple scores. I'm actually on my computer right now randomly doing different versions of these rhythms on a new, blank slate, and it keeps happening.

MuseScore 3 doesn't do this, only 4.

However, here is a piece that has the issue I am referring to- look at the very end. It's the outro. The chords should be dm7.

I'm wondering if I need to delete the program and redownload it.

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I apologize, I accidentally sent without finishing my email. The chords (so you can find it) is
dm7/a x 8 bars
G7/a x 3 bars, dm7/a
F7, E7- E7b9, dm7/a, dm7/a

This is at the end of the piece. The repeating bass line doesn't work. This bass line is the same as the picture I sent previously.

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Hi, I forgot to ask you this, and forgive me, because it has been about a month since this issue was addressed. Is it possible for me, or your organization to delete the download to my song? I wrote this and several other songs years ago before I ever heard of MuseScore, and am about to have them copywritten.

I'm a lawyer myself, and I can already see possible issues with this posted song, which worries me. The reasoning is the song was posted to address a specific problem only. Since the problem has actually been addressed, and a link to another post with appropriate information was given, can we erase the download out of kindness?

Thank you

If you are a lawyer, then presumably you are aware your song is already protected by copyright, the moment you set it dow nin tangible form (such as in notation software), in virtually every country on earth as a result of the Berne convention. So, while you are of course welcome to "register" your copyright or whatever process you are considering in your country, it's already copyrighted and has been all along.

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I don't work in any field related to copyrights. Therefore, I don't know a lot about it. But, it doesn't mean my mind isn't thinking about issues. Besides, I think it's still important to register a claim, especially if someone is challenging it. Remember, lawyers don't know everything, and its a bold assumption to assume they do.

I just want to add- Thank you guys for the help. It means a lot. Have a great day!

In many countries, you do indeed need to register a copyright before making a claim. But normally, you can do that at any time, including after a violation occurs. You simply need to establish that you had the music before the person you are suing. And having posted it to a website that includes timestamps is actually good for that :-)

Anyhow, my point isn't to say you shouldn't register if you it gives you some peace of mind, Just that from a legal perspective, it's not really particularly important to do so unless you actually do plan to sue someone, and you can wait until that need actually arises.