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• Jan 28, 2023 - 14:05

I haven't uploaded 4.0 yet. I'm writing out a walking-bass transcription and using two staves, 108mm each, to save space. I'd like the measure numbers on the second set of staves to go from 109 to 216. Can that be done? Handbook doesn't seem to treat this, or maybe I missed something.
Thank you.

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I'm not sure what you mean. Do you want the lower of those two staves to have different measure numbers to the upper? That would be odd.

If the staves form part of the same system, then by definition the measure numbers in each stave must match vertically across the system.

You can "kludge" a differing set of measure numbers on the second stave. But that means you have to insert a Stave Text with the measure number entered manually, at the start of each system. And then set its style to "Measure number" in the Inspector. It's a lot of work:
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OK thanks Daniel but I can't duplicate what you did with my score - where/how do I access the "insert stave text" command? Likewise with the "measure number" in the Inspector.
I set the score up with two electric bass instrument choices, originally for creating my own original walking-bass + bass-solo lines - the walking lines in the top staff, the solo content in the lower staff, so I could work on them together. But I also must confess to not knowing the best format for long works - I mean LOTS of measures; a Dave Holland bass transcription I'm working on is 320 measures - will there be problems converting that (in single page format) into a PDF and then banging that into a Word document? (All this musical havoc I am wreaking is in the service of a jazz-bass instruction book I'm writing.)

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