Working with guitar tab, delete removes wrong note

• Jan 29, 2023 - 04:01
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When I'm in the note input mode in a guitar tab, I expect to be able to remove the selected note. Unfortunately, there's a difference between the space highlighted with a square and the "selected note".
In the included screenshot, when I press backspace, I expect the "1" (with square marker around) to be removed, but the top "2" (blue) is removed instead.

The result is that to remove a specific note on the tab, you need to either exit the note input mode, or delete the notes "from the top" and re-add them.

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OS: Linux Mint 20.1, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 4.0.2-230290504, revision: c229b14

Bug confirmed. One way to reproduce:

  1. Open attached MS4 file (staff + linked tab).
  2. In normal mode, click on a fretmark (not the top one) and press delete.
    RESULT: the correct note is deleted.
  3. UNDO and keep same fretmark selected.
  4. Enter note input mode.
  5. Advance one step using the keyboard forward arrow, then go back using the back arrow.
  6. Press delete.
    RESULT: The top fretmark and note is deleted.

Delete like most other commands works on the selected note, not the note at the cursor position - that is by design. So in the above steps, of course the top fretmark is deleted, because it is selected. The question is, why is that note selected? Probably the note on the current string should be selected instead. But anyhow, if there is a bug, that's what it is - it's about the selection, not the delete command. In fact, just moving the cursor up and down doesn't change the selection either. I recommend reporting that on GitHub.