Two bar repeat, WITH playback, in Musescore 4

• Feb 1, 2023 - 15:05

I'm on a Mac, using Musescore. I'd like to enter two-bar or four-bar repeats, that play back properly. I can add the measure repeat symbol just fine, but playback only playsback the second of the two bars that I want repeated.
For example, if I enter
| A B C D | E F G A | (double measure repeat) |
it will play back as
| A B C D | E F G A | E F G A | (silence) |

(see attached file)

From past forum posts (, it seems like this should work properly in MS4, but it's not, for me.

Attachment Size
DoubleRepeatMeasureNotWorking.mscz 16.27 KB


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