change lyric distance

• Sep 25, 2014 - 11:18

is it possible to change the distance from the lyrics (closer) to the note they belong to?
I tried dragging the first syllabe up and than entering the 2nd but it goed to the original distance...

Probaly one can set the line distance somewhere?



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thanks, i overlooked it.
One more thing...
I would like to decrease the empty space at the right side of the 2nd measure. (like moving the barline to the left)
Is that possible?
I tried doubleclicking the barline and arrow left but it does not seem to work.
(in the final bar i did add less stretch, but since here are more notes it looks bad)
Thanks again :) isabelle-gt.mscz

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Well, as is your notatation is plain wrong, musically, and you'd here it on playback.
2nd and 3rd system start with an anacrusis, but the last measures in 1st and 2nd system haven't been shortened to accomodate.
Also your score is corrupt, 3rd system, 1st measure, 3rd instrument, a rest is missing there.

If you want the anacrusis, you'd tie some notes into them from the shortened prev measure

See attached.

Hmm, there's more corruption...

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...not realy, it is only that the 2nd bar is split over two systems. That is why i hide the barline and the rests you mention. If one counts the visible notes there are exactly 6/8 per measure :)
Yes, you would hear it on playback but that is not important to me. A ¨cleaner¨ solution would probably be to have one 5/8 bar(with hidden barline) and one 1/8 and change the noteheads...

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Dear all,
what is wrong with the 3rd bar in the 2nd voice, i cannot fit 6/8 in...
Any of you guru's see why? is this bar corrupt?
The measure properties say 6/8 and in the other staves it is allright...
Thank you!

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3rd bar in 2nd voice?
The 3rd bar is anacrusis with an actual duration of 1/8. Maybe you mean the 4th bar in the 2nd system, in the top instrument? That indeed seems to be corrupt. Same for 3rd system, 3rd instrument.
Attached a (hopefully) fixed version, created with the latest nighly build
And another with 1.3

It is beyond me though why you're using staff text for chord symbols?

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As I recall, he uses text for chord symbols because in 1.3 there was no "lower case minor chord" option. That shouldn't be necessary any more in 2.0, since that option will be supported. But I think he may also be using some sort of very non-standard notation for certain chords (putting the accidental for an alteration after the number rather than before, or something like that it?) and I suspect the 2.0 parser still wouldn't like that.

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