corrupt files and crashing

• Feb 5, 2023 - 19:23

corrupted files and regular computer crashing

I recently became a MuseScore 4.0 user. It was clearly stated in their contract of use that MuseScore still being developed and updated. Had that information and decided give it a try. During my seven day trial of MuseScore 4.0, it worked well. I was impressed with how easy it was to get started and write a score. I have now been using MuseScore 4.0 for three months. There have been issues from the beginning, but I could read about work-arounds and possible Notation errors from the MuseScore Forums. Very helpful.

I have very much enjoyed, and still do, the improvement in instrument sound quality and ease of use in general for MuseScore 4.0. A big plus for MuseScore 4.0 in that regard.

My issue today is a problem with MuseScore 4.0 crashing for no apparent reason (I am not the only one online complaining about this issue). The other issue: files becoming corrupted : studdering, crackling, and the score starting to play and shutting down after moments or seconds. As of yesterday, all of my saved scores completed before 02/01/23 have become corrupted will crash at some point after opening (often within seconds). All are filled with studdering. In one Score, Sharps have been added to notes not in the selected key Signature (out of the blue), Lyrics don't anchor and instead shift, and there are crackling/popping noises. I do not know if there is a bug in the program, nor do I know if my hours and hours of work on my scores can be fixed. I ran a full diagnostic on my computer, and looked at possible Notation issues. My Computer is fine.

My Notation could be suspect: I do play the Piano, am at the Intermediate level, understand Music Theory pretty well...but I am not an accomplished Musician. I am a 65 year old Grandmother putting together a file of my works (mostly gently orchestrated simple Lullabies, one for each of my Grandchildren).
To my dismay, I found online, many complaints about this corruption of files and and crashing of the MuseScore Site. I hope these issues can be fixed.

Right now, I have lost confidence in use of MuseScore 4.0. So many possibilities I can see for it's use in the future. but for right now, it is heartbreaking to have my works of Love ruined.

Date of experience: February 01, 2023


I am an adult and Grandmother...I take constructive criticism very well. I welcome suggestions.
I have read areas of the MuseScore 4.0 Handbook I believed could have assisted me solving my issues with MuseScore 4.0. If the problem is on my ignorance of use: I am ready to take advice from any willing to help.

Thank you

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No one is going to criticize you. They will ask you to post a score that is giving you trouble.

If you have indeed been using MuseScore 4 for three months, you may be using a beta version, rather than the actual release. But I'm sure you are indeed up to date on MS4 and the MuseHub.

I, too, have read the posts about crashes and corruptions and must say that I haven't had that problem.

Please post a score that isn't working. Someone should be able to help. And past versions of your scores are somewhere on your computer. So if your latest versions are indeed no good, maybe previous versions will help you to not have to start over.

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