(1.2) Detached end-repeat bar line at end of score

• Nov 15, 2009 - 12:30
  1. Open attached file: "detached bar line.mscz"

Expected behavior: End-repeat bar line should be attached to the end of the staff

Actual behavior: End-repeat bar line is separated from the end of the staff

Workaround: Editing the score or even Ctrl+A seems to reattach the bar line. If you save and reload the score the bar line is separated again.

Discussion: This bug seems to only apply to the end-repeat bar lines on the last measure of a score. Double bar lines and end bar lines behavior properly.

(Tested using r. 2348, Windows XP)

First reported (privately) by seseberg.

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Status (old) fixed active

I can, using David's supplied sample file under v1.2 R5263, Win7 32-bit.

[EDIT] In fact I just created a single-bar score, entered some notes and dropped an end-repeat and it detached immediately. It only seems to affect the system when it is not the full width of the page. A 1 or 2 bar score resulted in a detached repeat line when added, a 3 bar system filled the page and the repeat sign never detached when added.

Title Detached end-repeat bar line at end of score (1.2) Detached end-repeat bar line at end of score

Seems fixed on trunk. Changed title to specify 1.x branch