My score has disappeared

• Feb 10, 2023 - 08:27

Hi, I have been working on a complex score for over a week. I thought I had been saving it to the cloud. Every time I opened musescore it was there under my recent files and now it is nowhere to be found!! I am devastated. Does anyone have any idea where I can look to find it?


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I had it saving directly to the cloud, but when I have followed all of the troubleshooting offered on various threads, I can find the scores and backup files for the other ones I have created, but no trace of this score. If I think about it I think I had the same session open for two days, was regularly saving it, but then my computer had to reboot and it’s as if it never actually saved the copy to start with. I am completely devastated - so much work gone! I just don’t understand how it didn’t save, or even create an auto backup.

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If the files were "lost" due to a crash, there may be backup files from just before, but they can be difficult to find. Difficult to give advice here, but I have come across backup files from way back quite by accident sometimes. One file went AWOL for a considerably long period of time.

Save to cloud means it is being saved on, not on your computer. So you will need to visit to find your score; a search of your hard drive won't turn up anything but some information about your score (eg, where on it has been saved).

FWIW, I don't really recommend the save to cloud feature. Not that that there are specific known problems or anything, but I'd much prefer to have my files safely on my own computer, backed up using my own backup service, etc.

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One option is presumably to save to cloud - on and also to save files locally.

Whether that might be a better practice than simply saving to one or the other I can't say - depends on how users feel I guess.

Saving to any form of cloud may give rise to some of the following problems:

  1. Files may be temporarily unavailable - if there are problems with the internet or servers.
  2. Files may be permanantly unavailable - if there are severe problems with the service provider or technology.
  3. As 2, but due to operating changes, such as a change of ownership of the provider, or changes in the rules set out by the provider.
  4. Files may be stolen or copied, or otherwise misused. Most providers will say this "won't" or "can't" happen, but it can - though it's probably rare enough that most people who haven't written their chart topping song yet shouldn't worry about it.
  5. The price of storage might change unfavourably to the user at short notice.
  6. Unless users keep their own copies as well as the ones in the cloud, the providers may make it difficult, expensive or impossible to retrieve files at some future data.
    Data stored in external clouds requires a lot of file transfers across networks - both to and from servers.
  7. Data stored in clouds may be exposed to external threats because the data is transferred across wide area networks.

There are some possible advantages for users storing data in a cloud - if the problems noted above are also taken into account.

  1. Files stored in a cloud may provide an extra backup if files are also stored locally.
  2. Files can be accessed from multiple locations, and used on different machines quie easily.
  3. As long as cloud storage is relatively cheap, it may be cheaper than buying more computers and disc or SSD storage systems for saving files locally.

Regarding MuseScore specifically, points 5-7 in the first list above are probably not too significant for musescore files, as musescore files are generally very compact. For other kinds of data which may be significantly large, and/or also significantly valuable. users should consider whether they want "their" data stored on remote servers which they have no control over.

Hey, I was having the same issue, and found mine in my files.
1.) Go to MuseScore home
2.) Click Open Other
3.) At the top of the file window, click MuseScore 4
4.) Click cloud scores

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