Symbols like "b" and "#" have a bug.

• Feb 13, 2023 - 17:22

When I try to use a XML file that allows slash chords to have the bass chords on the same line, It looks nice. But once I close the program and reopen the score it has changed to different characters. For example: When I try to type Bb/F, the "F" is a little lowered by default (what I dislike) and I use a custom chord style that makes everything on the same "line" and it looks ok than I save and close the program, but when I open it again it is not Bb/F anymore, but B266d/F ... I gave up trying to fix!
See the attached file where I show how it appears.

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In reply to by Bruno de Brito

OK, I can now confirm this bug, not sure why it hadn't been reproducible for me earlier.

BTW, it looks like that XML file is based a long-obsolete version and is going to cause a number of other formatting problems. When creating custom XML files, better to start from one of the supported XML files - chords_std and chords_jazz.

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