Linux : Gnome MATE vs. KDE Plasma

• Mar 5, 2023 - 05:05

Ubuntu 20.04, tested with MS3.6.2 & MS3.7.x (care of Jojo-Schmidt). I have logins for a Gnome MATE environment, and KDE Plasma environment. Over the last month or two, the GUI behavior of both mentioned MS3 releases has deteriorated in the KDE/P environment to the point where selecting Format -> Page settings pops-up that window, and it takes typically 1 minute 45 seconds for the window to fill. Any change of setting in that window manifest about the same 1:45 time to respond.

I have avoided testing MS4 due to its newness.

In the Gnome/M environment, both MS3 releases respond OK. Who should I reach out to with this issue? Thx.


In reply to by Jojo-Schmitz

I now tested 3 scores. The "Format -> " menu items paint in a few seconds, which is OK and much better than MS3.x I will say that with MS4, sometimes on opening a score, playback either does not start, or starts rolling with no audio. With retrying, audio comes back.

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