My files keep getting corrupt

• Mar 7, 2023 - 05:09

I tech illiterate and have no clue how to fix this stuff. I've googled and looked all over the forums but everything confuses me. Can someone either explain how to do it in dumbed down terms or just do it for me. Thanks

Btw the file isnt done so if it seems like stuff is missing it probably isnt

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You are better to comment on one of the (many) other posts about file corruption, explaining what you tried, and what you don't understand. Chances are that there will be people already subscribed to that issue who can help.

Also indicate the MS version and platform (Windows ?, Mac, Linux) etc that you're on.

It is indeed confusing. That's because there is one routine that fixes everything. You have to experiment.
Your file doesn't open in MU3 or 4. So what do you do. Normally you get some king of error message. If you try to open a MU$ file in MU3, you get a message that the file was created in a newer version. In this case , it just says it can't read the file. At least MU4 says the file is corrupt. But when you hit Ignore nothing happens.

I have a free file extractor called 7-Zip. I extracted your file and one of the results was a file with the MU# icon, square not round. Right click on it and select open with MU3. The file opened. Save As resulted in the file I am posting which opens in MU4.

But that only works with some corruptions. I have no idea what the corruption was or even if there was one.

Sometimes saving as xml back and forth a few times is what works. I don't know why.
Good luck.

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a 4.0.2 pre-release reports:

Error=XML_ERROR_EMPTY_DOCUMENT ErrorID=13 (0xd) Line number=0

Looking at the mscx inside the mscz revealse:


So you're apparently still using 4.0.0, rather than 4.0.1? At least that score had last been saved with 4.0.0.

Whatever: attached a fixed version, generated by opeinng the mscx from that mscz file (extracted using 7Zip) and resaved as mscz

I haven't (yet) been able to pinpoint the 'smoking gun' though

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The failure here is not within the MS score but in the saving of it as a compressed (.MSCZ) file. This could be due to MS saving it incorrectly or to your operating system or to another program interfering or to hardware problems or you are saving to a place that is non-standard that becomes inaccessible after a period of time. Try saving your files as uncompressed .MSCX and make regular back-up copies.

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