Opening AUTOSAVE file results in unknown file type message, how to fix?

• Mar 11, 2023 - 18:47

Opening the originally corrupted file works now, but I lost a lot of my progress from my last session. This AUTOSAVE file has the most recent, so how can I make it open properly?

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Why not attach the Autosave file to this thread, so that people can examine it? An image (.png file) does not really help to diagnose the problem.

The autosave file is just an ordinary MuseScore file with "autosave" added to the name. So all you need to do is rename it to remove the "autosave" - so it ends in just ".mscz". It looks like maybe you removed the word "autosave" but left a "_" behind? Either that or maybe you're on Windows and using the setting where it exposes you to malware by hiding the filename extensions? If so, turn off that setting immediately to protect yourself and to avoid confusion.

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I did what you said but apparently it's corrupted so I'm just going to upload it here again and see if it works.

Edit: still corrupted, Attempt Corruption Repair is also greyed out. Can't export the corrupted file, but Musescore can open it. I hope some of this info helps. Also quick question? Should I download the latest MusicXML version, Dolet® 8 Plugin for Sibelius, to maybe fix this corruption? Any other suggestions are extremely welcome for my sanity. I will continue to research other forums in the meantime.

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This file (sufferingensued.mscz) contains only 640k bytes of zeros. It cannot be opend by Musescore or by a zip tool. It is damaged beyond repair! You may delete it.
Try to find a backup copy (autosave) on your computer.

Unfortunately the same is true for It can be opened by a zip tool and contains a file 'NOICE.mcsz.autosave' but this also contains nothing else than zeros. Beyond repair!
I wonder why you have an ending of MCSZ instead of MSCZ? What have you done?

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