Note head 'mi' too small

• Sep 30, 2014 - 05:27
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MS 1.3, Win 7 Home Premium. I regularly use shape notes, thank you. However, the symbols for the half-note and quarter-note "mi" (s1mi head and s2mi head) are too small for most people to read.
I looked at MS 2.0 Beta, the half- and quarter-note "mi" is still too small, and the "fa" in the lower half of the staff is backwards! See attached example from MS 2.0 Beta.

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This thread is becoming a mess :)

1/ About the half note vs whole note issue

We are now following the SMuFL standard. Unfortunately it doesn't define different symbols for whole notes and half notes. So it's normal that they use the same glyphs. It works as designed.
See SMuFL standard, p 82, Shape note noteheads.
I don't have first hand experience with Shape notes notation and I have no idea if the distinction is made in the available literature. If it's the case, we should contact the SMuFL people and ask the inclusion of whole note symbols.

2/ About the mi notehead size

It's a font designer decision. For the emmentaler font, we could change it if someone is volunteering to do it. For Gonville, you can contact Gootector via this thread:

3/ About the reversed Fa notehead. This is a bug. I fixed it in 04f93ae4f6