Layout is ignored when exporting to pdf

• Jun 19, 2023 - 15:30

Hi- I'm having trouble with exporting a file to pdf. I had previously started a project with only piano and decided to add bass as a second instrument. I've used several of the layout features (line break, page break, etc) in the piano version and it came out looking fine when I exported the project to pdf. However, when I export only the bass part, the layout features seem to be completely ignored by musescore. I closed then reopened the project, and then deleted and re-input the line breaks and other features, but when I export, the same thing happens. How do I fix this?


Hard to say from just pictures (attaching the actual score is better). But the pictures make it appear you never actually generated the bass part or added any formatting to it. Formatting applied to the score does not apply to the parts, nor should it, since they are usually very different in layout.

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