Musescore 4 playback issue (instruments won't stop playing, a high note comes in and won't go away)

• Jul 2, 2023 - 23:11

I just downloaded Musescore 4 and imported my composition for large ensemble. I have two problems with the playback function.

On a certain spot in the composition the orchestra plays together, then everybody stops playing but the choir.
But in Musescore4 the accordion just continues to play, even though there is nothing written for it but rests.
Also on the singer tracks there is some high pitch note, that won't go away for the rest of the composition (another 7 minutes) and gets louder. Sounds like some kind of feedback.

I isolated the part from the composition in this mscz file here "bug GitHub".

When you listen from the beginning, you see that in bar 6 there should just be the singers, but there is also a accordion chord, and also this high pitch note on all of the singer tracks. Nothing is written there.

And second:
When clicking on a note or a bar and pressing the spacebar, in musescore3 the playback would start every time. Now in musescore it sometimes won't start at all and just the blue vertical line appears and is stuck and sometimes only one instrument is playing. Selecting one bar vertically in all instruments and then playing space seems to work fine, but this is just a new small disturbance which really takes away your workflow especially when writing big scores.

I really hope somebody can help, right now I am simultaneously opening musescore 3 and 4, to allow some kind of workflow, which is not really effective obviously. I will change back to musescore 3 for the next composition, if these problems can't be fixed.


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At first I deleted the blocks behind the notes in measure three. Accordion part. No change. Then I deleted the pedal lines in the measures before. Then Accordion did not hold.

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Hello bobjp, thanks for the reply!

I deleted the pedal lines and the accordion stoped playing where it should! That's great!
But what's with the high c not stopping in the 4 voice tracks? This is the high c from measure 2, which stops playing hearable where it should but then continues quietly afterwords never stoping for the whole composition. And it gets louder with time like a feedback.

I changed the notehead from a cross to normal, now the glissando voice figure suddenly won't play as beautiful (as intended), but also the continuous high c is away...

This seems to be a bug with the cross noteheads, maybe in combination with glissandi, where the high note won't stop playing and gets louder with time.

Also: Do you have an idea why sometimes I can click on a note and press the spacebar, and a normal tutti playback plays, sometimes I click on a note and press the spacebar and nothing happens, sometimes only one voice plays, and sometimes I need to mark the whole measure in all instruments and press space for the playback to come?

Thank you!

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Why are you using a cross notehead? Whenever MU4 comes across something that an instrument isn't capable of, strange things happen. For example. some one put Pizz on a tuba part. It didn't mess up tuba playback but other things started to malfunction. Much like you have now. Look for non standard markings.

In MU4. Click a note and the whole score plays from that spot. Select a measure and just that staff plays.

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There is a known issue where in certain cases cross noteheads confuse the playback system -

As for playback, if you select a full measure or any other range, then only those staves - that's by design, a quick way to solo one or more staves. To play all staves, select a single note or something other than a range, or press Esc after selecting the range to clear the selection.

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