Palette item positioning with mouse

• Nov 24, 2009 - 14:21

A very minor bug, but nonetheless, very annoying when adding several crescendi and decrescendi. When you pick one up from the "lines" palette, the position when you place it on the score is determined by where you picked it up. However, the note it is attached to is determined by the mouse pointer. If you pick it up on the right side (or even the middle) and place it on a note, it will always need repositioning. I have attached a screenshot of this dragging (even though the mouse is not in the screenshot) to better clarify what I mean.

So, the optimal behavior would be to adjust the position of the de/crescendo in relation to the mouse when dragging so that the left side is always at the cursor, or to set note attachments in relation to the left side of the crescendo.

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This happens with all palette items (not just crescendos). The icon is in often in the wrong place during drag and drop depending on where you click on the palette item. Applies to all versions of MuseScore

Rev. 2389 resets the x-offset to zero. Palette items are now alway picked up at the left edge. I did not check for any negative effects so please consider this as experimental.

Much better.

Is it also possible to set the y-offset so that the palette item always appears immediately above the arrow pointer? It is nice to keep the item visible during drag and drop.