Unable to load score onto Musescore.com via the publish option from the Musescore editing program.

• Feb 19, 2024 - 20:02

This message with reasonable frequency (see link) displays

I followed the link..... here I am!

I attach the score in question, which already exists on musescore.com

I tried again, aligning the musescore score on-line identity with the identity in the file properties inside the musescore program, and it failed with the same reason.

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It's still happening. The only way round it seems to be to delete the existing on-line score and declare this one as a new score.
Does clearing the file entry in the Properties section help? I tried that thinking it would, but it made no difference.

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"Does clearing the file entry in the Properties section help?"

Do you mean "clearing the Source field in Project Properties"? That is accessed through File > Project Properties > Source. And yes. it makes a very big difference:
a) if you leave an existing URL in that Source field, it will update the score (provided that you are the owner/uploader of the original score);
b) if you clear the Source field, then that will create a new score on musescore.com.

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Interesting. I can't upload one of my own scores using the upload function. I only have two scores on my page. One uploaded with MU3 and one with MU4. No problem with either.

There is no "source field" property in MU4. There's a "file path", but that's just where MU4 got the file from.

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No problems bobjp.

OK, so...

Since our last exchange I have tried deleting and forcing an add, just to get round the problem.

But for yourself (and other readers' benefit), lets try replacing again:

On the website is a score called Grave Goods. I click on the score and take note that the address is
In MS4 I check that the project properties source contains
Then I hit Publish to Musescore.com. with the option to "replace the existing on-line score".
It exports the audio file.
Then it comes up with a window saying "Your score could not be published. Try again later, or get help for this problem on musescore.org."

Voila. Hmmm....

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Well, I used the "Publish to Musescore.com," and that is what I've always done, (apart from the odd occasion recently to get round difficulties.) Not the Save Online
I always save locally (of course) beforehand.
In the old days I used to take the "Upload" option from the website, but Marc said that was an outmoded way of doing things, so I stopped doing that.

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