How to re-name parts in mixer?

• Feb 20, 2024 - 02:32

I imported an orchestral score and changed most of the instrumental parts to vocal parts. On the score, I was able to re-name the parts, but in the mixer, on the bottom row of blue windows, each one just below the "mute" and "solo" buttons, the old part names remain. How do I rename them? I've tried a lot of things, but ran out of ideas? Thanks in advance.

Screen shot attached, for clarity.


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Got it. That worked. It's a little quirky, but it worked. I had entered "Tenor solo," "Soprano 1," Soprano 2," and so on. These got changed to just "Tenor," "Soprano," etc. I was able to go back to "Instruments" and re-enter Tenor Solo, Soprano 1, Soprano 2, and so on, along with their abbreviatons.

It worked. I'm not complaining.

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